About Us


Rock trio Eventide will be releasing their debut EP, “Still Alive” in July of 2021. Driving, charged with passion, and bringing that unstoppable melodic rock sound from the 90’s squarely into the spotlight once again.

San Diego’s Eventide is the passion project of musician, singer and songwriter Todd S. Wonkka, who cites as main artistic influences Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Oasis, Nirvana, The Smiths, Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, the Cure, and Depeche Mode. Eventide’s own style takes elements from each of these and adds something fresh and unique for a result which will both win fans new to the sound and please longtime loyalists from everywhere. With an emphasis on irresistible hooks, infectious melody lines, filthy guitars, and plenty of deep-pocket groove, Eventide has a little something for everybody, but particularly rock music lovers.

“What I love about rock ‘n’ roll is the independent platform it gives to humankind. Even if they’re not playing, performing, or singing it, you’re feeling it, riding the dissent into your own beautiful madness.”(Wonkka)

Eventide are Todd S. Wonkka(lead vocal/guitar), Ian Phillip(bass), and Mike Davis(drums)–Three coaches out of San Diego.